15 Utterly Disgraceful Things Londoners Wouldn’t Dare To Admit

Most of us are guilty of these things, but you won’t ever catch us admitting them. We want you to believe that we’re the trendiest, savviest, most ‘London’ Londoners that ever did live.


1. I actually have no idea how to pronounce Marylebone.

2. I once (or twice) ate smelly food on the tube.

3. I rely on Citymapper because I still don’t know my way around.

4. I don’t always say sorry when people barge into me on the tube.

5. I avoid the priority seats on public transport, not because I’m selfless, but because I can’t deal with the pressure and responsibility that comes with it.

6. I haven’t used the night tube yet.

7. I’ve accidentally got on a tube that was going in the wrong direction.

[Perez Hilton]
8. I’ve got tired halfway up an escalator, and really regretted not standing.

9. I don’t always reuse my 5p bags.

[We Heart It]
10. I once spent more than £7 on a pint.

11. I don’t even really like tea that much.

12. I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace. Like, not even outside it.

13. I’ve tried to tap onto the tube with my Oyster card, knowing full well that there isn’t enough money on it. You know, just in case. 

14. I actually enjoyed the London Eye.

15. And I like shopping on Oxford Street. 


Feature Image: Flickr/Colm Linehan

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