15 Unbelievable Moments That Could Only Happen In London

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

15 Unbelievable Moments That Could Only Happen In London

Things happen all the time in London that make us stop, get our phone out, Snapchat about it and move on. Here are some pictures that encapsulate the whole “Wait, what?” vibe we seem to be faced with on a daily basis. Yes a lot of them are on the Tube. Apparently that’s where all the fun happens.


  1. This nutcase.
The whole Titanic routine was thrown off when Susan refused to show.


2. This momentary lapse in judgement.


3. House fans everywhere delighted in this vandalism.


4. When boredom reached an all time low.
Didgeridon’t try this yourself kids.


5. This disturbing traveller.
101 reasons why this is not okay.



6. When a bus stop pulled up at a bus stop.
You wait AT one for ages and then suddenly…


7. THIS.
And suddenly, a hero is born.


8. When an illegal rave cost someone more than their ticket.


9. When our favourite 90’s fabric made a comeback in an unlikely place.
God bless the poor sod who has to clean this.
10. When this bastard didn’t stand on the left.
Can’t you read?!
11. And this guy obviously missed his stop.
Basil was prone to snoozing on the Northern Line.
12. In fact foxes have created quite a name for themselves…
Only a British fox would queue so politely.


13. …and we know they do as they please.


14. When London thought we’d found a real life fallen angel…
Turns out it was just a realistic sculpture (thank goodness).


15. And finally when we pulled this one out the bag.



What are some of your unbelievable London moments? Tell us in the comments below. 



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