15 Times Sherlock Understood The Struggles Of Dating In London

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15 Times Sherlock Understood The Struggles Of Dating In London

Sometimes it takes a high functioning sociopath to understand the London dating scene. From dissecting Tinder messages to thinking your way out of awkward situations, we feel that being a super intelligent and super sassy detective must make it easier to survive struggles of dating in London. At the very least these Sherlock reactions seem to sum it up perfectly…


1. Finding yourself single in a city of over 8.5 million.
2. But then having to endure your parents/friends/co-workers trying to set you up with various ‘lovely guys’ and ‘perfect girls’ that you know will be a total disaster.


3. So you take the inevitable plunge onto Tinder.
giphy (2)
4. The messages come flooding in including the various 3am ‘you up’s and the less common ‘Is it okay if I slide my tube up along your Central Line?’ 😉
giphy (4)
5. And the occasional nude pic comes up from out of nowhere.
giphy (9)
6. After filtering out the perverts you have to get the squad to help deceiver which Tinder conversations you should take forward into real life.
giphy (3)
7. When your date suggests meeting at Finchley Central (when you live at Wimbledon Park).
giphy (5)
8. When your date suggests meeting at Wimbledon Park (when you live at Finchley Central).
giphy (6)
9. Trying to think of something really original and quirky to do on your date but then realising that anything really original and quirky in London will be filled with hipsters and wannabe insta-babes.
giphy (7)
 10. Everything in London is really expensive which makes the entire ‘I’ll pay’ / ‘No I’ll pay’ debacle a lot more uncomfortable.
11. Especially when your date says ‘Okay fine then, you pay!’
12. Trying to hide your resentment when your date says they work for TFL.
giphy (10)


13. Or that they voted for Brexit.
14. Seeing one of the tinder perverts in real life.
giphy (11)
15. Feeling like a boss knowing that you have an entire city of potential fish to fry.

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