15 Things You’re Only Scared Of If You Live In London

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

15 Things You’re Only Scared Of If You Live In London

Ohhhh it’s a scary place, London. All those people, all that pollution, all that traffic…if you’re anything like us you’d spend half of your time fearing for your life and the other half concentrating on keeping it. But there are some other things (less serious you’ll be glad to know) that no doubt you’re also scared of. Things that really, you can only be scared of if you live in London. Because London sure is unique, isn’t it?


1. Someone looking at you on public transport.

2. Catching them looking at you again.

3. A pigeon apocalypse.

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4. When you order two pints and hand over £10 to then be told that’s not enough.

5. Being featured on ‘Women Who Eat On Tubes’.

6. Mice crawling up your trousers…(erhm, what?)

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7. Not being up to date with the latest coffee bean trend.

8. Forgetting your book and headphones with an out of battery phone on the tube/bus.

9. This.

10. Whether having black snot is ok, or a sign of severe pollution sickness.

11. A restaurant that doesn’t take bookings. Particularly a new pop-up. Forget queue, think black hole.

12. Getting told off by the tube driver for leaning on the doors.

13. Planning your weekend before realising none of it can happen due to transport closures.

14. Having a low rating on Uber.

15. Ever having to leave London.

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