15 Reasons You’ll Never be Able to Live Anywhere But London

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15 Reasons You’ll Never be Able to Live Anywhere But London

Don’t get us wrong – we know you probably don’t need telling anyway. But just in case you woke up and for some bizarre reason can’t remember why London is kind of spectacular, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you will find it hard-pressed to find a better city out there. Not that we’re biased or anything…


1) Because everything looks like a scene from Harry Potter.

It does, doesn’t it? That’s Westminster Abbey, by the way.


2) Because it has it’s own style.

[Nikos Koutoulas]
That’s a no.9 Routemaster right there.


3) Because it’s edgy.

Passengers on those trains still think they’re stuck at a red signal…


4) Like really, really edgy.

Watching some skating down at the Southbank.


5) Because you can go to the top of One New Change and see this:

One New Change 1

Just so beautiful.


6) Because our universities look like this:

God I’ve never been so keen to study. That’s Greenwich University by the way ^.


7) Because The Shard.

The Shard

So tall, so slim, so handsome.


8) Because The Thames is kinda beautiful.

*When it’s not filled with gunk.


9) Because it’s all broody when it wants to be.

Battersea Power Station, where clouds used to be manufactured.


10) Because the Tube is actually pretty good, when you think about it.

For all our moaning (and it will open 24 hour soon).


11) Because the weather is ‘awful’.



12) Because it doesn’t have its own food culture.

Just kind of a mix of everything that’s good in the world.


13) Because we put on a pretty darn good Olympics.

And that’s bragging rights for years to come.


14) Because there’s live music everywhere.

Literally, everywhere.


15) And because London has a giant cock.

It’s so big. And so blue.



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