15 Reasons You Could Never Move Out Of London (For Good)

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15 Reasons You Could Never Move Out Of London (For Good)

If you’ve always lived here, you might think you need to test the waters elsewhere. Don’t. And if you’ve previously lived elsewhere, why on earth would you go back there? Are you mad?


1. For starters, the transport is a nightmare anywhere else. 

2. Trust us, you’ll start to appreciate the 4 minute waits.

3. Because you’ll have to drive. In a car

4. Because you’ll miss the huge array of different food.

5. Because anywhere else you’d be limited to a Starbucks and a Greggs. (And that’s if you’re lucky). 

6. Because you’ll miss just how connected it is. A speedy train to France for £30? I’ll just pop there now for a quick crossaint.

7. Because you’d probably run out of humans to swipe for on Tinder. 

8. Because you know full well that you’d miss the tube.

9. And people might actually speak to you. You know, strangers

10. Because no matter what time of day (or night) it is, you can order anything and everything to your door. We’re talking greasy pizzas and kebabs here, of course.

11. Did you know you can’t get Deliveroo past zone 4?!

12. Because no matter how much you moan about the people, you know you’d miss them.

13. Because no matter what time it is, someone will always be serving duck and waffles. 

14. Because there’s always something to do. And if you’re stuck for ideas, you’re wrong.

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15. Because know matter how much you “hate” it, you’ll defend your city to the death. 


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