14 Things You Just Can’t Say To A Londoner

Yes, it’s expensive. No, we can’t afford to live.


1. Your rent is HOW much?

2. You’re single? But there’s so many people in London?!

3. What do you mean you can’t afford brunch? I thought you were on a decent salary? 

4. Why isn’t it hot? It’s July!

5. If it’s so expensive, why don’t you move somewhere else?

6. You’re so hipster now.

7. Do you know the royal family?

8. You should smile more.

9. You should move up north, pints are £1.50. 

10. It’s so dirty here, your insides must be suffering.

11. You must know all the cool places to go?

12. I don’t really do cities…

13. How do you afford to live?

14. A 6 minute wait for a train? That’s nothing!


Feature Image: barnyz on Flickr

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