14 Things Every Londoner Is Thinking Now That Autumn Is ACTUALLY Here

There are so many wonderful things about Autumn in the UK… Unfortunately, there are equally as many things that make us want to hibernate.

We’ve put together a list of some of the thoughts the colder weather might have prompted (especially aimed at those of you who can’t afford to keep your heating on 24/7). Yeah, us too.

1. “Yay, I get to wear my coat/scarf/jumper!”

Immediately followed by the classic ‘boarding the tube layer panic’.

2. “Is it too soon to put the heating on?”

Wearing jumpers inside feels like an outrageous affront after you spent July walking round your boiling hot flat in just your underwear.

3. “The drop in temperature is a legitimate reason to call in sick, right?”

You didn’t think it was possible, but the added struggled of getting out of your warm bed has made going to work seem even less appealing.

4. “I don’t need to shower today, I can just use dry shampoo… Right?”

The post-shower journey from your bathroom to your bedroom looks something like this:

5. “I had no idea the trees had so many leaves on them.”

The changing colours and leaf strewn streets were charming at first, but the rain has turned the pavement into a slippery obstacle course of doom… And you’re not sure your arse – or your pride – can handle many more embarrassing falls.

6. “Maybe I should buy an electric heater…”

You’d only just got round to buying a fan and now it stands uselessly atop your chest of drawers. If only you had enough storage space in your flat share to hide it from view. Just commit to its presence as ironic. It’s practically modern art.

7. “When is this rain going to end?”

Rain, always rain. The sky is no longer blue, it now remains in a perpetual state of white/grey.

8. “At least now I can start piling on some Christmas weight.”

There’s literally no point in trying when it comes to your appearance now the colder months are upon us. There’s also no point in doing your hair. Or going to the gym. Or shaving, for that matter. You decide to shun your shiny summer self and descend into winter mode. You’ll need the extra fat to keep you warm, after all.

9. “Is it too early for mulled wine?”

Yes, unfortunately it is.

10. “I need a holiday.”

It’s only been three weeks since you returned from your summer holiday and you’re already longing for another dose of vitamin D. Your modest tan has faded to nothing and the smug Instagram posts from that one person in your office taking a late trip abroad now feel like personal insults. We get it Linda, Spain has better weather than we do.

11. “Oh God, it’s almost Christmas.”

Christmas. Christmas everywhere. Although even you must admit it’s tempting to take a trip to Oxford Street for a snoop round the Selfridges Christmas shop. Underneath your Grinch-y exterior you do have a secret soft spot for novelty baubles.

12. “All I want is to get back into bed.”

After work drinks are less appealing now outside isn’t an option and with the days getting shorter, making plans to venture into the cold, dark evening seems virtually impossible.

13. “When are the pubs going to start lighting their fires?”

All you want is to sip red wine by the fireplace. Unfortunately your tiny flat does not feature a cosy hearth to curl up by. Is it really too much to ask that places use what they have?

14. “Not another picture of leaves”

Your Insta feed has changed from blossom and flowers to pictures of people’s feet atop multicoloured leaves and hands clutching pumpkin spice lattes. This will inevitably become very boring rather quickly.

Featured Image: Instagram @your_london_adventure

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