14 Struggles Of Being A Recent Grad In London

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14 Struggles Of Being A Recent Grad In London

So you’ve just graduated? You threw your cap into the air and it came down soaked in pride, happiness and 30 years of debt. Congratu-fucking-lations my friend. We’re assuming you followed the ever so expected and desperately edgy regime of moving to London and we understand just how difficult that can be for a recent grad…


1. Having to say goodbye to the Unaay lifestyle of going out 4 times a week

Mostly ‘cos nights out in London are just too expensive to sustain those habits.

2. You are utterly outraged to experience London drink prices

Especially if you’ve come from a uni in the North.

3. You have to look for a job

 And you assume it will be easy for someone with a university degree such as yourself.

4. You spent eternities rewriting your CV and sending off applications

Because every company wants the application catered for them.

5. You face the eternal struggle of a Londoner…

…taking a high(ish) paying job you hate or being broke AF doing something you love.

6. If you chose the higher paid job you’ll have to start paying back your student loans

Sorry 🙁

7. Eventually you have to accept a job that you never wanted but convince yourself it’s fine

‘Nah man it’s not recruitment!! I just find people for other companies to employ… but it’s definitely not recruitment!’

8. The constant inner turmoil of ‘maybe I should just do a masters…’


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Cos surely it cant be that much harder than third year?

 9. You realise just how big London is

‘Cos you can’t afford to top up your Oyster and have to walk fucking everywhere.

10. How the hell does anyone make friends in this city?

You wish that London had a ‘Union building’ where lonely grads could just go chill.

11. The pain of realising you’ve lost your student discount privileges…

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…just as you move to what feels like the most expensive city in the world.

12. Any money you make you have to save for your inevitable ‘post-uni ‘find myself’ travelling experience’

At this stage you just wanna go anywhere where you can buy a meal for under a tenner.

13. You have to endure smugness from your rich friends and they’re swanky jobs and apartments

Whilst secretly stewing that you’re sure their parents got them the job anyway.

14. At least you know that at some point things will improve

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And when they do you’ll be living and working as a successful business bitch in a boss city… Probably?


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