14 Struggles Londoners Face Every Day Now That It’s Dark At 4

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

14 Struggles Londoners Face Every Day Now That It’s Dark At 4

There are many, many perils that arrive come wintertime (the bobbly stuff on knitwear, the appalling Christmas chocolate:Bikram ratio, snoods) but the one that really seems to get our goat? The fact that if you blink, you’ll miss the daylight in a matter of “Wait, what?! Is that the time??” No one likes to gaze out the window in the half four slump, only to be greeted by their alarmingly despondent reflection from the window. Nor do we relish the thought of walking back home in the dark- even if we’re surrounded by literally thousands of people. And there really is nothing more lonesome than arriving back to a black, empty flat – except perhaps that poor old man in the John Lewis Christmas advert.


1. Thinking you’ve woken up before your alarm…and then realising this is your life now.


2. Debating leaving the light on for yourself when you arrive home.

Will waste electricity…but will also feel less scared. [Tumblr]

3. Getting dressed in an all black outfit…only to realise you’re 50 shades of blue outside. 


4. Struggling to tell the difference between night workers and early starters on the tube.

Are you partial to a hard-core contour or are you an award winning queen? [Teen]

5. Having to witness “bubbly” personalities before 7? Just no.



6. And realising you packed your Kindle charger instead of your iPhone one.


7. Getting the 3pm snooze vibes at 12 o’clock…and 1…and 2…and again at 3.


8. And as a result getting grumpy over things you *usually* wouldn’t.

Whose Pret did you eat Simon, WHOSE??? [Tumblr]

9. Seeing the Christmas lights turn on from your desk.

All at once, i no longer see the appeal. [Buzzfeed]

10. Realising office lighting + nightime= you and your colleagues’ UNhappy hour.


11. Skipping your evening gym sesh because why.

It’s dark so no one can even see my double chin. [Imgur]

12. And helping yourself to more carrot cake because WHY NOT.

To see in the dark duh. [Imgur]

13. Throwing away all your solar powered fairy lights/chargers/gadgets of any kind.

Al Gore, we tried. [Assets]

14. And then hearing we won’t see another late sunset until February.



*Don’t even mention S.A.D.



Feature Image: Flickr: Howard Gadsby

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