14 Goddamn Awful London Habits That Need To Die In 2017

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

14 Goddamn Awful London Habits That Need To Die In 2017

2016 was a tough year, amiright guys? We’re not going to get super political and discuss some of the rather distressing events in politics and world affairs, (mostly as an attempt to pretend that they in fact did not occur). Instead, let us look forwards to 2017 and implore the people of London to truly kill these awful habits and leave their corpses in 2016…


1. Attempting to make conversation on the tube.

tube chat

2. Rainbow coloured food.

3. Ridiculous pop-ups.

4. We’re looking at you, Walkers Crisp Sandwich Pop-Up.

5. ‘One food item’ restaurants…

6. …The type of place where a bowl of cereal costs you £6…

7. …Or the type of place where crisps and dip costs you £11.

8. Complaining about TfL… We’re all in this together.

9. Unless it’s, like, reeeeeaaally funny

giphy (7)
10. Paying to pee at stations… this isn’t your fault Londoners, but we should all rebel together.

11. Using selfie sticks. 

12. Drunk singing (screaming) on the Night Bus/Tube.

13. That whole ‘North vs South’ Londoner feud.

14. Electing TV personalities as world leaders… Oh wait, Londoners have nothing to do with that one.


Feature Image: [flickr: Camilo Rueda Lopez]

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