14 *Inspiring* Christmas Life Hacks Every Londoner Needs To Know

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14 *Inspiring* Christmas Life Hacks Every Londoner Needs To Know

Christmas is the time of giving, but sometimes giving can be hard. In fact, a lot of us are much more partial to receiving than giving – Oh don’t be so crude, we’re talking about Christmas presents. But it’s true! Certain people are just particularly hard to buy for, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably a lazy person (like me). This list of Christmas hacks is here to help you find a last-minute gift with London as your inspiration…


1. A discarded copy of the Metro makes great wrapping paper.

2. A necklace of pigeon feathers is set to be big in SS17.

3. Who wouldn’t love an Oyster card with £5 loaded on it?

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4. If they live in Shoreditch, get ’em a pair of glasses with no lenses.

5. If they live in Camden – anything leather and spiky will do.

6. If they live in Clapham – a photo of a kangaroo. They’ll probs be missing home.

7. A voucher for a ‘self-guided’ street art tour of Hackney. You just have to walk around, please your pal and burn some calories too. Everyone’s happy.

8. A ‘meze’ of free tasters you picked up around Borough Market.

9. If they’re not from London, offer up your flat for the night. For free! You generous soul.

10. A bunch of flowers, hand-picked from St James Park.


11. A piece of paper saying ‘Good for one free* Pint *up to the value of £5′

12. Share your Uber discount code, alongside ?< emoji.

13. Foxes make adorable pets (we think), if you can catch one.

14. A self-taken photo of the London skyline, printed out (on your printer at work) and put in a frame from Tiger.

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[Feature Image: Flickr – Paula Funnell

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