13 Things That Londoners Do That Would Be Weird Anywhere Else

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13 Things That Londoners Do That Would Be Weird Anywhere Else

We are a weird (and wonderful…) bunch, aren’t we? There are many of things that are deemed ‘acceptable’, or at least ‘tolerable’ in London that just would not be OK anywhere else. Just take a step back, outside our bubble of extortionate pricing, terrifying traffic and ‘safety in numbers’ mentality and you’ll see it for yourself.

1. Commit to an hour-long walk home like it’s nothing. Anywhere else: you’d end up in a different city.

2. Avoid eye contact like you’re surrounded by Medusa’s. Anywhere else: you’d look like a prick. 

3. Spend your mornings with your face in people’s armpits/faces/crotches. On the tube. Anywhere else: that’s called morning sex, and wouldn’t be allowed in public.

4. This. Anywhere else: you’d be shot.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.28.24


5. Pay £4.50 for a pint and think it’s standard. Anywhere else: not a f*cking chance.

6. Power walking to work. Anywhere else: a leisurely, meandering ramble is the only acceptable walking pace.

Yup, looks about right. [Reddit]
7. Complain about waiting 3 minutes for a tube/bus. Anywhere else: gratefulness that there is a bus and that you are alive.

8. Unadulterated passive aggressiveness (or just aggressiveness). Anywhere else: happiness.


9. Constant paranoia that you gave your seat up to a non-pregnant person. Anywhere else: there’s room for all.

10. Silently burst blood vessels over someone sniffing. Anywhere else: offer them a tissue. 

11. Flat sharing with 9 freaks in a house fit for 3 people. Anywhere else: that would be illegal. 

12. Saying “No honestly it’s fine” and meaning “I’ve never felt so seething with rage in my life”. Anywhere else: it probably is fine. Because, happiness.

13. Spends £50 on a meal at ‘Tincan’ (a pop-up that only serves canned sea food) and calls it ‘quirky’. Anywhere else: calls it beans on toast, because you’re skint.


Featured Image Credit: Tomas Sentpetery, Instagram: @tomas_sent

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