13 Reasons the London Man is the Sexiest

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Benedict Cumberbatch

Think about it. Some of the sexiest gents in history have come out of London. James Bond, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes, Prince Harry, Paddington Bear. So what’s the secret recipe that makes the London gent such a charmer? We think we’ve cracked it with our list of 13 different character traits. After you, ma’am…


1) He’ll hold the door open for you.


He’s so polite. And he’ll probably apologise while he’s at it. Sorry, here you go, sorry, after you.


2) He’ll wear a suit.

Prince Harry

And it’s probably from Savile Row, or M&S or somewhere. And he might even have his top button done up.


3) He’ll stand up for you on the train*.

James Bond

I mean, how many non-Londoners would do that?

*note: unless he’s on his phone, laptop, tablet or reading the paper. Or tired.


4) He’ll make a cup of tea for you.


He’s been programmed to offer everyone in the vicinity a hot drink. He resents it, but he won’t fight it. Marriage material right there.


5) He knows how to get places.


Tower Bridge? Yep, knows it. Big Ben? Yep, knows it. Nearest pub? Yep, knows it.


6) He can hold his drink.
Daniel Craig

Don’t worry about drinking your London gentleman under the table, he’ll have had 6 pints and a tequila shot before he’s even met you, and he won’t show a thing.


7) He knows how to get a discount.

Joey Essex

Because what’s more sexy than a man who can negotiate a coffee down from £4.50 to £4.45?!


8) He’s not afraid to pay for things.

Mark Wright

Never fear, that £3.60, 4-minute cab ride is on this gent.


9) He exercises.

Idris 1

The average sculpted London Adonis plays 5-a-side football several times a year, at least.


10) He’ll buy presents for you.

Mark Francis

You love Xbox, don’t you? And you’ve always wanted a beer fridge, and a racing chair.


11) He’s practical.

Chuckle Brothers

He won’t know how to change a lightbulb for you, but he does know the number for someone who once changed a lightbulb for a friend of his.


12) He’s musically talented.
One Direction

He once went to karaoke at 4am after a night out and the staff there told him he had ‘the voice of an angel’.


13) He can cook.


What do you fancy, Chinese? Italian? Indian? French? Japanese? He’s got menus for all of them.




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