13 Questions You Should Never Ask A Londoner

When it comes to life in London, sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Here are 13 questions that a Londoner never likes to be asked… ever. Why not? Don’t ask that either.


1. Why do you have so many phone contacts with the last name ‘Tinder?’
2. Isn’t it your round?

‘Yeah… sure mate!’


3. Do you have a moment to talk about *insert literally any cause here*?
4. How much do you usually spend on travel a month?
5. Can we meet outside Oxford Circus?

I would rather meet you in Hell.


6. Are you thinking of buying in London?

You shudder at the expense two pints, let alone a whole house.


7. Wanna come to this party in Upminster this weekend?
8. Can you just move down the carriage please?

*No room*


9. Ew, you take your dog on the tube? Isn’t that kinda gross?

Dogs on the tube are the ONLY good thing about commuting in London?!?!?


10. Isn’t it wonderful to have M&M world on your doorstep?
11. You paid how much for a pint?!

[Carbon Costume]
I’d rather not talk about it…


12. Have you ever met the Queen?
13. If you complain about London so much why don’t you just move?

… ‘Cos we love it really?


Feature Image: [guardianlv]

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