13 Problems That Londoners Would Never Ever Have To Deal With

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13 Problems That Londoners Would Never Ever Have To Deal With

“Problems? That we – Landaners – don’t ‘ave to deal with? You’re ‘avin a larf”. Nope, no we’re not. While it might sound suspiciously too good to be true, there are actually several upsides to living in this mad city we call home…and one (or 13 shall we say) are specific problems that we, thankfully, will never had to contend with. Although for every one of these, about 6 more arise…but still, we’ll take what we can get! No matter how rough it can be, we will never have to face any of these. And for that, we count ourselves lucky! ?


1. That sleepy feeling you get when you’ve had a lot of fresh air.

Not something we will ever need to worry about…


2. Sunburn.

Aren’t we lucky.


3. Discovering a new foodie craze to follow.


Where there’s Londoners, there’s food. And where there’s Londoners and food, there’s ridiculousness. From ‘Freakshakes’ to Pizza Burgers, a drought of (wonderfully) weird food and restaurant crazes there shall never be. Amen to that!


4. Being bored.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” (Samuel Johnson). Same goes for bored.


5. Car trouble.

If you’re having car trouble, your problem is not really that you have car trouble. Your problem is that you have a car.


6. A drought.
7. Being thought of as ‘weird’.

One of the wonderful things about living in such a multi-cultural city is that everyone is different. And, when it comes to fashion sense or character, some are far more different than others… Judge-free zone, of course, but it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all. So wear a pot on your head, have cheese strings coming out of your nose and only answer to people with snorts…probably no one will notice.


8. Missing the touch of another human being.

Morning commute. Enough human contact to keep you happy until next Valentine’s Day.


9. Lack of exercise.

Have you ever changed at Bank?


10. Ways to spend all your money.

We can imagine the poor souls in the countryside who have all of this money and just nothing to spend it on…you can only buy so many wooly jumpers and clotted cream, you know. Thankfully, we don’t have this issue. We will never, ever run the risk of sitting in our secluded mansion, surrounded by acres of land and money…and out of ways to spend it. Because this mansion in the country probably costs about the same as a dinner for two in London. Phew! That was close!


11. Fancying your Prime Minister.

No matter how hard he tries.


12.  Being told that you’re ‘too nice’.

Pigs will fly the day we ever encounter this problem. We have a reputation to uphold god dammit.


13. Not enough wildlife.

Pigeons, rats – the lot ❤️


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