13 Fabulous Ways That The Capital Is Preparing For Pride In London


London Pride is upon us people and this year the resounding message is “Love Happens Here”. It’s heartwarming, it’s jam-packed with events and it lasts until Sunday 9th July so here are the ways London is joining in on the celebrations.

1. Santander’s hireable bikes decorated with rainbows

[Transport for London]
50 of London’s Santander bikes have transformed their rear mud guards into a rainbow bonanza. Look out for these special bikes as they have the pretty loveable hashtag of #loveislove so we think that’s pretty darn cool for a bike.

2. Underground signs changed for Pride

[Transport for London]
Obviously Transport for London has to have a slice of the Pride action. They’re supporting the cause by changing key underground station roundels a lovely array of rainbow. The stations involved include Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus.

3. Tottenham Court Road station is also getting in the spirit

[Transport for London]
Tottenham Court Road station is highlighting the message of London Pride in a huge way – quite literally. By slapping #LoveIsLove on the front of the station, London is making it known that we really are a loving place. Do you feel the love guys? Do you?

4. MEATliquor’s Dead Happie burger


A burger covered in pink glitter? Sign us up. This limited edition burger will donate £1 from every sale to Stonewall and is a variation of their Dead Hippie burger. Think 2 beaf patties, Dead Hippie sauce, cheese, onions and lettuce but in a fabulous pink bun.

Hurry fast for your bite of pink burger delight as it’s only around for one day at their Trafalgar Square pop-up. Find out more information via their Twitter and Instagram.

5. Rainbow hummus at The Real Greek

[The Real Greek]
If you share our love for the championing of chickpeas then you’ll love this new variation that’s being dished up from the 8th July at The Real Greek’s Soho branch. The colouring comes from natural ingredients such as spinach, beetroot, yellow pepper with turmeric and red pepper. Oh and it comes with free crudites – a win/win situation.

6. #LoveLivedHere is changing blue plaques rainbow

London is steeped in literary history but many of these famous writers, playwrights and poets were not accepted for their sexuality during their lifetime. As a form of commemoration, blue plaques honouring these figures have been recoloured rainbow for London Pride. Changed signposts include code breaker and pioneer of computer science Alan Turing and writer Seigfried Sassoon.

7. Carnaby Street arch changed to a rainbow

The well-known arch welcoming everyone onto the cobbled stones of Carnaby Street has been adorned in a striking rainbow. The colours paired with the arch keeps fooling us that this is an actual rainbow but even so, it reminds us that #LoveHappensHere.

8. City Hall flies the LGBTQ flag

Our Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has put up the Pride flag and it’s flying high and proud in front of City Hall. Okay, we’re sure Sadiq didn’t put it up himself but you get the jist …

9. Rainbow cupcakes at The Hummingbird Bakery

We’re suckers for a good cupcake and The Hummingbird Bakery always seems to get it right. This vanilla number comes topped with deliciously whipped frosting and a cute little rainbow.

10. Or their permanent rainbow multiple-tiered cake

Hold the phone because we somehow forgot the rainbow multi-tiered cake of dreams at The Hummingbird Bakery. Maybe it’s because it’s a permanent feature on their menu but all the same, you’ve got to love some rainbow themed sweet treats.

11. Bunga Bunga’s rainbow pizza

A post shared by Bunga Bunga (@bungabungaldn) on

Rainbow coloured food may be a hot trend at the moment but many restaurants are rising up to the challenge in aid of London Pride. To celebrate the occasion, the people at Bunga Bunga have created a pizza worthy of our Instagram shots and not worthy of the guilt. That’s because it’s all made from veggies – yay for us.

12. Seven Dials have put in a #LoveHappensHere geo-tag

The little network of streets that every Londoner loves have put their stamp on the Pride map. Quite cleverly actually as they have put big geo-tags around the area. You know, just to remind you that love does indeed happen here ❤️

13. And obviously The London Pride Parade on the 8th July

[Pride in London]
This year’s big parade will be held on the 8th July and will start at 1pm. The route will start off north of Oxford Circus on Regent Street and will contain more than 300 groups. It’s set to be bigger and better than ever before so arrive early to nab your spot and avoid any disappointment.

Reminisce on last year’s Pride when a met police officer proposed to his partner and the ladies of Absolutely Fabulous led the Pride Parade.

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