6 Brilliant Pop Ups You’ve Got To Try In London This Month

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6 Brilliant Pop Ups You’ve Got To Try In London This Month

London’s pop up scene is ever-expanding… it’s now hard to separate the brilliant from the bog-standard and pointlessly weird. These pop ups, however, are all worth ‘popping in’ to see. (Some, admittedly, do need to be booked in advance). From heel-tapping, cowboy themed Saloon bars in Shoreditch, to a Breaking Bad cocktail making masterclass, these are really worth making an urgent visiting before they ‘pop out’.


1. Django Bango

[Django Bango]
Do you feel lucky, punk? (Yes, we know that isn’t the exact Dirty Harry quote). Either way, get your Lassoos at the ready. Wild West themed pop up, Django Bango, is bringing a taste of America to the East End until the first week of April. Chew, guzzle and spit like a real cowboy as you explore the Saloon Bar. There’s a church confessional, should you feel the guilt of your wrong-doings… but watch out you don’t get thrown into jail. Advance tickets are £10. The grub includes loaded nachos, a whole roast hog and plenty of Chill con Carne. Check out the website for more info.


2. Forest Bar, Selfridges

High above the crowds of Oxford Street, Selfridge’s seasonally changing restaurant is offering a botanical haven to spend your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you just fancy a shopping break and a nibble, try the lip-smacking small plates, which include baked Brie, fresh seared scallops and a different take on an Eggs Benedict – served with a crumpet, instead of English Muffin. (See here for more of London’s delicious crumpets) The Forest is open until the end of April.


3. The Art of Dining: 80’s Office Party

[Art of Dining]
The Art of Dining team are back, combining food with an incredibly fun, unique and immersive experience. Step back in time to a world of bouffant hair, shoulder pads and ballsy boardroom drama. Running the joint is the boss of The Pickle Company Ltd, Amanda Bellingham. She’ll make sure this office party is one you’ll want to remember in the morning. The menu consists of a jazzed-up ‘Packed Lunch’ and ‘Elevensies’ and, of course, some water-cooler punch. To book, have a look at their website.


4. Cocktails in The City

[Cocktails in the City]
Cocktails In The City returns to London, shaking, stirring and mixing up the finest liquors for the pleasure of your tastebuds and soul. Spread across four stories of One Mayfair, from Thursday 10th – Sunday 12th March, they expect to welcome over 3,000 guests in the course of the 4 day event. Tickets to the event are £15 and include one free cocktail. All other cocktails are priced at £7.50. For more information and to book, click here.


5. ABQ Breaking Bad

Yeah, cocktails b*tch. You’ll be cooking up these cocktails with science, dressed in bright yellow overalls inside the ABQ RV, like a scene straight out of Breaking Bad. They’ve been dealing out creation sessions since the 4th February, showing the the ropes to make the purest Smoking Martinis and ‘Tripping’ – a cocktail that changes flavour after a sip! All you need to do is bring a bottle of booze for the base and they’ll provide the rest. A two hour booking costs £25 per person. Check their website for availability.


6. Notting Gill Chippy, Kensington

[Style Nest]
The Notting Gill Chippy has returned to Kensington Church Street until the end of April, bringing with it the fresh, salty taste of the seaside. Choose between classic fish ‘n’ chips or explore the more experimental dishes, including a curried-spice battered fish. The pop up is open during lunch and dinner between Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Featured Image credit: ABQ

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