5 So-Wrong-They’re-Right Things To Do In London

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Welcome to London. One minute you’ll be hanging upside down in a gravity-defying yoga class, the next you’ll be chasing zombies around east London…or something like that. To celebrate the diversity of this (verging-on-terrifyingly) eclectic city of ours, we’ve put together a list of some pretty weird things you can get up to. Embrace your crazy.


1. Urban Yoga x Belvedere


Now this is our kind of exercise… Always fans of totally random combinations that probably shouldn’t work (but do), The Hoxton are hosting a yoga class with a difference on Tuesday 23 February. Double the relaxation – and triple the fun – the yoga class with be led by professional dancer and yoga instructor Ida May and will finish with a refreshingly chilled Belvedere Vodka and House Press juices. We’re not sure what true Yogis would think of that but to us it seems like a pretty sweet trade-off. Tickets are selling fast! Book yours by downloading the Fever app.

81 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3HU 


2. Bouncingham Castle


Everyone’s childhood favourite, the bouncy castle, is getting a seriously adult makeover and will be popping up on the South Bank on March 3-5 for everybody (except kids – mwahahaa) to enjoy! The bouncy castle will be a whopping 7m tall and will be entirely jelly-themed. Where there’s a really great idea, there’s normally a really-great-PR-team-trying-to-sell-something behind it and sure enough this groovy bouncy castle will be celebrating the launch of the Candy Crush Jelly Saga game. The best bouncers will be rewarded with prizes and our favourite part? It’s totally free to enter. Just make sure you get past the bouncer on the door…

2 More London Place, The Riverside, SE1 2JP. March 3-5. 10am-8pm weekdays, 10am-6pm at the weekend


3. Cheese and Tea Tasting


Cheese and wine is a…wait, what?! Cheese and TEA? Now there’s a flavour combination we never thought we’d see. Described by critics as “the world’s best-kept secret love story”, tea and cheese is supposedly a match made in heaven and the latest trend to be catching on in London at the moment. This masterclass held at the Tea Studio will have you tasting your way through 6 sublime cheese and tea leaf combinations. The tea cleanses and refreshes the palate whilst intensifying the flavours and sensation of the cheese in the mouth. It’s not just flavours that change and develop though, the tea also melts and changes the textures of the cheese, adding an extra gastro sensation! Mmmm…melted cheese. The next session will be on 23 February and tickets can be purchased by downloading Fever.

Studio 15, Riverside Building, Trinity Buoy Wharf, E14 0FP


4. House of Dreams

[Rob Greig]
Only open to the public a few days a year, the House of Dreams may be located on a fairly normal street in south east London but it’s far from normal inside… Artist Stephen Wright has really gone to town on the decorating. Still in the process of covering every single available surface with kitschy mosaics, you’ll find just about everything that’s ever existed in here, from broken dolls to the contents of Christmas crackers (we always knew that tat would go to good use eventually). It’s a spectacle for the eyes, an orgy of colour – and you’d be blooming bonkers to miss it.

45 Melbourne Grove, SE22 8RG 


5. The Hunterian Museum

If you’re a fan of looking at really gross things in jars then honey, welcome to heaven. The Hunterian Museum is home to one of the oldest collections of anatomical, pathological and zoological specimens in the UK, including the tooth of a megatherium donated by Charles Darwin. In case you didn’t know, a megatherium is a giant extinct sloth, which in our eyes, is pretty damn cool. The geekiest day out in London? Quite possibly. But we love it. (See more museums in London.)

Royal College of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3PE

Featured Image Credit: Rob Greig 

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