12 Typical Problems Every Londoner Has Undoubtedly Proclaimed As The Absolute Worst

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Some typical problems that every Londoner has (more than likely) made out is the end of their world.

We’re all guilty of thinking our daily problems are some of the utter worst in the world but it all gets a little more tragic when you focus on London. Prepare for ultimate gripes about lack of macchiatos, shortage of artisan breads and the struggle of not having a pop-up to attend this weekend.


1. That dreaded silence of the tube …


2. How dare a tea not be offered. Strike one.


3. No sweet potato fries? Are we even in London anymore, people?


4. Ew human contact on public transport. So gross.


5. Didn’t realise this was a genuine concern but all the people on the Overground do seem rather cool, don’t they?


6. Oh no, a further 20 paces?! We want the bus to drop us right to our doorsteps please.


7. So many exhibitions, so little time.


8. Probably one of the worst feelings in the world ?


9. #passmethechanel



10. We all become Olympic sprinters during rush hour, don’t worry.


11. When your macaroni and cheese is getting cold and the person in front can’t decide on what plant milk to have in her latte ?



12. And our newfound biggest London conundrum:

Feature Image: Mike Stezycki.


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