12 Tiny Changes Every Londoner Should Make To Revolutionise Their Year

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12 Tiny Changes Every Londoner Should Make To Revolutionise Their Year

Oh poor little old us. Always starting the New Year with such high hopes and expectations of a ‘new year, new me’, inundated with celestial visions of morning runs, green juices and one glass of wine at the weekend. Of course, by the second week of January you’re back doing the tube dash, hoovering down your coffee with three sugars and pain au chocolat because you got drunk last night and slept in. On a Tuesday. It’s not your fault. New Year’s resolutions are hard…and in our eyes, completely unachievable. It really was just the post-Christmas turkey-tummy talking. So here are some small changes you can make this January to feel better…and actually keep.


1. Get off one tube stop earlier and enjoy an extra 15 minute walk.

2. Smile at least once before 10am.

3. Turn off. Either your phone when you go to sleep (or at least airplane mode), or have a laptop ban in bed. It’s not as bad as you think.


4. Spend 10 minutes a day doing nothing. The world will survive without you for that long.

5. Make tea/coffee at home instead of buying it. Pret adds up, you know.

6. Explore new places in London. You’ll be surprised as to what you find. 

Yup, this is in London. It’s Shri swaminarayan mandir on Brentfield Road.

7. Read more. Take a new book each week with you on the Tube, (you can neglect to mention most were romance novels).

8. Get some fresh air every now and then and say goodbye to pollution (and dull skin). We know some stunning walks you won’t believe are in London. 

9. Nourish your mind. You’re in London. There is no excuse. Even the graffiti is incredible. Notice it.

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10. Give up your seat. You’ll feel better for it and make someone else’s life that bit easier.

11. Download our sister app, Feverand never be stuck for what to do/where to eat again.

12. Challenge your misconceptions. That ‘grubby’ coffee shop may do the best cake you’ve ever had. And you won’t know until you try it.


Featured Image Credit: Jon Raffoul, Instagram: @j_r_photography 

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