12 Times That The Sand Sculptures On Thames Beach Had Us Truly Amazed

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Yes, London does actually have a natural beach and not just one hidden in a hotel. But it’s the magnificent sculptures that get made out of the sand that really has us talking …

We don’t know how long they take or indeed, exactly who does them but all we know is that anytime we walk by the tiny beach on The Thames, there’s a stunning sand sculpture that has us gawking like a lost tourist. Sorry tourists, no offence.

1. The amount of time it must’ve took to make those little trees is making us tired …

2. … Just LOOK at all those little trees.

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3. Coming out of the water to this could be kinda creepy

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4. No, wait. This one takes the cake.


5. Don’t get too close kids


6. Reaching for that summer sun, probably.


7. Not too sure what this is but it’s detailed and fab all the same

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8. Oh hey Homer

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9. An appropriate message for Monday mornings

10. Wondering if we could actually sit on this one …

11. The sandman himself at work 🔨

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12. And although the General Election is over, you’ve gotta appreciate this effort

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