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13 Times We Can Actually Relate To David Cameron’s Facial Expressions

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

13 Times We Can Actually Relate To David Cameron’s Facial Expressions

Goodbye! Adiós! Zàijiàn! David Cameron has officially left the building. Not that we are overly sad about it or anything…(HOLD UP, Secret London are getting political again…SOMEBODY BETTER STOP THEM! ?) Ok, ok. Well, yes. As most of you May know (geddit?) Cameron is no longer PM (no, not Pig Meddler…Prime Minister!) and as a farewell, we thought we’d attempt to find a time that Cameron was actually relatable to us – the young people of London. A near impossible feat, we know. But being the genius’s’s’ssss (geni?) that we are…we cracked it! There are at least 12 times that we can relate to David Cameron when his facial expressions are compared to living in London. Not that he’d know anything about having zero social life and living on beans and pork sausages…oh, wait…?


1. When you’re just walking down the street, minding your own business, and BAM! Suddenly, out of nowhere you remember that you live in the most expensive city in the world. Whhyyyyy.
2. When you’re on a packed bus and really, really need to pump…
3. When you’re on the tube and catch your reflection.
4. When the bus driver believes your sob story lie about not realising that you have no money on your Oyster and that you’ve had ‘like, the worst day ever’ and lets you on without paying.
5. When you know where quote of the day is from.
6. When you’re in one of those cool new pop-up restaurants with communal tables…
7. When someone is describing to you the feeling of paying less than £4 for a pint.
8. When someone asks you how much money you have in your bank account.
9. When someone tries to explain to you the difference between being trendy and a hipster.
10. When you remember what you did in Infernos after your 11th shot.
11. When you’re trying to listen to music on the tube, but can’t hear it because some knob head has theirs even louder.
12. When your parents are attempting to explain to you why you should move back home and not live in the monetary vacuum that is London.
13. And when you refuse and they ask you how you expect to be able to support yourself on your low income/internship salary.

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