12 Things That Will Inevitably Happen In Your Last Working Week Before Christmas

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There are just a few more days before that long-awaited Christmas week off. Now all that remains is how to fill your last week at work.

‘Last week syndrome’ – aka the last week of mundanity before your Christmas festivities begin – definitely doesn’t end after you leave school. And now while the days of watching Christmas films and colouring in in the classroom are over, we’re struggling to find fun ways to occupy our time in the workplace. The following 12 things will almost definitely occur at least once before Friday…

1. You’ll all go out for a group drink and one person will take it too far.


2. You’ll overbook yourself, come into work feeling exhausted each day, and end up having a sneaky nap on the sofa in your lunch hour.


Do like the Spanish do and embrace the siesta!

3. Nobody will reply to your emails.


4. You won’t reply to anyone else’s emails, either.


5. You’ll write lots of ‘To do’ lists that you’ll end up forgetting about.


6. That one person will continue acting like they’re really busy. They will also pre-emptively refuse all offers of mulled wine.


“Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t be productive, guys!”

7. You’ll spend the week pretending to be working hard while you secretly order Christmas presents online.


8. You’ll eat a lot of unhealthy food just because it’s there.


It’s gotten to the point where you genuinely no longer care about your waistline. That’s a problem for January!

9. Every lunchtime someone will say “Pub?” and your day will be saved.


10. You’ll drink about five times your recommended weekly alcohol allowance.


Thank goodness your doctor can’t see you now.

11. Your work Whatsapp chat will be filled with funny pictures and inside jokes from the Christmas party.


Oh the shame!

12. Your office Secret Santa will get everyone feeling emotional.


You’re just one big family after all.

GIFs via GIPHY. Featured Image: Leonardo Rizzi

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Lily Frohlich

Lily Frohlich

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