12 Ridiculously Silly Things That Prove Londoners Are Easily Pleased

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12 Ridiculously Silly Things That Prove Londoners Are Easily Pleased

We all know that Londoners love to complain and okay maybe we come across like a relatively angry collection of people. But, deep down, are we not all just big kids at heart?! Do we too not crack a smile at the silliest of things?! Yes, we most certainly do! Here are 12 of the simplest of reasons that prove Londoners are an easily pleased bunch…


1. When the area you live in is mentioned on TV.

Even if it’s, like, crime watch or something awful.. it’s just nice to be recognised.

2. Spotting a minor celebrity in the wild.

Usually somewhere around Soho.

3. Spotting a major celebrity in the wild.
4. Trying to suppress a giggle whenever you hear ‘Cockfosters.’

Any word that starts with ‘cock’ can not be taken seriously… unless it’s ‘cocktails,’ which are always serious to us.

5. You don’t know why but you’re just sure ‘Goodge Street’ sounds dirty.

And it definitely makes you chuckle.

6. Seemingly anything to do with the tube is just funny to us…


Struggling to get home tonight? #tfl #underground #euston #wordbombing

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7. Watching someone lose their balance on the tube.

Not like badly, just so they wobble a little bit and we can hear those ‘I’m awfully sorry about that!’ cries.

8. Or how embarrassingly happy you are when the tube doors line up perfectly with the point that you’re standing.

You can literally just step forward onto the carriage!!!

9. When you walk past the free-sample guy twice and he doesn’t notice so you get TWO SAMPLES!
giphy (1)
10. Or when the guy in the corner shop/street market stand remembers your name.

And thus the potential of even more free food increases! Mwahhaa.

11. When you see a pigeon poop on a tourist.

Especially when they are in the middle of posing for a photo with Big Ben.

12. And spoof Twitter accounts are always funny to us.



Feature Image: [flickr: James Cridland] 

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