12 Reasons Why Londoners Are The Most Imaginative People

Occasionally you’ve got to get inventive in order to survive this city…We already gave you a list of sneaky life hacks to help you along, but saving/making money, staying sane or even just entertaining ourselves often needs a little nudge of creativity! So we thought we’d give y’all some credit and celebrate the absolutely ingenious ways that you’ve been totally winning at London with ’10 Reasons Why Londoners Are THE Niftiest And Most Imaginative People’. Round of applause please ?


1. Independent coffee shops send out subconscious messages through unsuspecting toilet brush holders.

2. Like this…


3. You can now go to work in a tree.


4. They have an app for everything. And we mean everything. 

Weird, but surprisingly useful…of course, not as useful as Fever. [Mashable]

5. Their honesty can be masked as originality…


6. And snoozing doesn’t necessarily mean losing.

Commuting can sure take it out of you! [London 24]

7. Sheep are not just for counting, and dogs are not just for walking.

“What you looking at? Quit baahh-thering me…” [Twitter]

8. Yet when animals piss them off, a Londoner’s revenge is imaginative too.

*ahem* imaginative sense of humour of course…. [Imgur]

9. Even penis jokes are promoted to architectural innovation.

[Mmh London]

10. Memory loss/laziness is utterly transformed.


11. The London police assert their authority through interpretive dance…?


12. And they make magic happen, like this old gem that never ceases to amaze.

[She Loves London]

Featured Image Credit: Funniest Memes

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