12 Of The Weirdest Things That Have Been Spotted In London

London is known for taking things too far but this stuff? It’s just plain absurd. Thought things couldn’t get any weirder than the rumours about the blowfish cafe? Well think again, friends.


1. London loo tours are actually a thing.


2. Art installations include giant thumbs containing 44 years’ worth of nail clippings.


3. We’ve had sex shops made out of felt.
[Time Out]
4. And Londoners give free shrugs, not hugs.
[Lethaljizzle via imgur.com]
5. They also sometimes carry teapots on sticks.


6. All kinds of weird things happen on public transport…


7. Like pandas on the escalators.
[LaceEdges Reddit via Imgur.com]
8. And human rodents waiting at platforms…


9. Dogs tend to prefer prams to leads.


10. And humans? They prefer behaving like animals.


11. Or posing with dead ones.


12. And don’t forget the llama. Never forget Larry the llama.


Think you’ve seen weirder? Tweet us @Secret_LDN with the hashtag #weirdlondon and we’ll be the judge of that. 

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