12 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To #PigGate

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner


So it seems while we were sleeping Twitter was having something of a field day. It was alleged last night, in a revealing (though unofficial) biography by conservative donor Lord Ashcroft, that our one and only PM David Cameron had placed some of his most, ahem, intimate parts inside a dead pigs mouth as part of a dining club initiation at university. Naturally as you can imagine, the internet went wild. We’ve rounded up our faves that have been tweeting under #piggate to supply you with some oinkment for your Monday blues.


1. First things first, Charlie Brooker.


2. The Jeremy Corbyn line of attack.


3. Paddy Power’s handy use of a discarded label maker.


4. The Pub Sign game begins.


5. Yet more life imitating art.


6. What’s the one thing we resort to when scandal emerges?


7. Lost in Translation? Uh, no actually.


8. It was bound to happen…


9. More politcal jibes.


10. And a bit more fun with signs.


11. Some saw an opportunity with the name of their local.


12. Whereas others saw more problematic cases in hand.


Because while we were sleeping, this also happened.


So whilst we were enjoying ourselves a bit too much in the Twitterverse (goodness me, is that the time?!) bigger things were indeed afoot. One things for sure media outlets probably thought all their christmas (hams) had come at once.


Feature Image credit: David Hartley.


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