12 Mesmerising Photos Of London In The Fog That Will Leave You Mist-ified

Fog is underrated. Now, we realise that’s a pretty weird statement, and you may think that you disagree. It’s not something we’d ever really thought about before, but then we found these stunning pictures of hazy London and we suddenly felt a whole new appreciation for misty weather.


1. What a perfect picture…
[Flickr | Davide D’Amico]
2. Heading into the unknown…
[Flickr | oandu.]
3. See, London can look dreamy…
[Flickr | mapryan]
4. You’d never guess this was London…
[Flickr | Edwin Hopper]
5. Who knew we were in a real life fairytale?
[Flickr | MsSaraKelly]
6. Wandsworth Common looking gorgeous at sunrise…
[Flickr | DavidGeen]
7. Emerging from the mist…
[Flickr | elyob]
8. The Shard stands tall amongst the fog…
[Flickr | Edmund Gall]
9. Even the haziest days in the city can amaze you…
[Flickr | Ambernectar 13]
10. How can something look so spooky yet so entrancing?
[Flickr | David Holt]
11. Soaring in and out of the clouds…
[Flickr | Martin Hearn]
 12. One thing’s for sure, London in the fog leaves us absolutely mistified…
[Flickr | David Holt]
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