12 Sneaky London Underground Shortcuts You’ll Only Know If You Live Here

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12 Sneaky London Underground Shortcuts You’ll Only Know If You Live Here

If you spend as much time hating on the tube as we do, then you’ll love these sneaky shortcuts that will save you entire MINUTES on your daily commute…


1. Stratford Smarts

[flickr: Gordon Joly]
As if you need any more persuasion to avoid the Central Line. If you usually travel Eastbound on the Central Line from Liverpool Street to Stratford you should try hopping on the national rail services instead. A ride with national rail services will get you to Stratford in half the time and you don’t have to spend your journey with your face trapped underneath somebody’s armpit.


2. Speedy switcheroo at Euston

[flickr: Oliver Mallich]
If you want to change between Victoria and Northern lines at Euston then get yourself on a Bank branch train. This way you’ll be able to step straight off the tube and onto the Victoria Line platform. If you take the Charing Cross branch you’ll have to encounter endless escalators and walking (ugh) to change lines at Euston.


3. The Bank branch really is your friend…

[flickr: Clive Darra]
If you find yourself again at Euston travelling North to Camden Town then you should once more take the Bank branch as it skips out Mornington Crescent saving you at least an entire minute on your journey… It’s not much but you may be one person ahead in line for your morning coffee – thank us later!


4. The Green Park Up’n’Down

[flickr: Matt Buck]
If you’re following the signposted route to change from the Jubilee to Piccadilly Line at Green Park – stop. It’s much quicker to just go up the escalators and back down than it is walking around the entire tunnel.


5. Mind The Gap Magic

Mind the gap
[flickr: Pommiebastards]
Some of the more lovely underground stations have aligned the ‘Mind The Gap’ sign to the place that the train doors will actually open. Although it’s not the case at every station, it’s definitely worth remembering.


6. Follow the Yellow Paint (road!)

[flickr: Iamdogjunkie]
If all else fails and you enjoy playing detective then try and see where the yellow paint on the safety line has been worn away by anxious commuters – it’s likely to be where the doors will open… Nifty, eh?!


7. Break the rules at Embankment

[flickr: munksynz]
If you’re arriving at Embankment on the District Line then be a little naughty and cut down the ‘No Entry’ tunnel in the middle to get to the Bakerloo and Northern Lines faster. Rules are just guidelines anyway, right?


8. Put your legs to good use…

[flickr: Moyan Brenn]
Sometimes it’s actually just quicker to walk. Take a look at TFL’s walking map that shows you the time it takes to walk between stations. You’ll save yourself a trip on your Oyster Card and avoid the Northern Line for a while longer!


9. Leicester Square’s secret tunnel

[flickr: RachelH_]
Go against all your human-sheep instincts and turn against the flow of people at Leicester Square. Instead of using the signposted exit in the middle of the platform, walk all the way to the end of the platform to change lines. You’ll save yourself a good 300m walk and be able to revel in the smug knowledge that you avoided the tourists.


10. The Southwark Switch

[flickr: Frederick Dennstedt]
If you need the Jubilee Line at Waterloo East don’t use Waterloo Station but instead sneak down to the southern end of the platforms and use the ‘hidden’ exit into the less crowded and more pleasant Southwark Station.


11. Don’t pick the Piccadilly..

[flickr: Ciokka]
This ones for the tourists. When travelling from Leicester Square to Covent Garden, don’t even bother getting on the tube as it is way quicker to walk. Plus you avoid the painful wait for the lift or climbing the 193 steps at Covent Garden station.


12. Old Street Oddity

[flickr: Peter PZ]
If you need the Northern Line at Old Street don’t bother following the signs. Instead just take the first right and the platform entrance is right there!


Feature Image: Flickr – Franco Folini

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