12 Of The Most Outrageous London Tube Adverts You Have Ever Seen

You win some, you lose some, when it comes to London underground adverts. Yep, we are thinking of the ‘Are You Bikini Body Ready?’ disaster that reared its ugly head last year. But occasionally they get it right and provide us poor Londoners with some mild hilarity on a Monday morning…and more often than not they get it so wrong, dare we say it’s almost right? Either way, we love them…because as you all know too well, we’ve got to have something to do on a train that doesn’t involve acknowledging your fellow passengers.


1. The ‘Might Make You Lose Your Brekkie’ One
2. The ‘Straight To The Point’ One
3. The ‘Close To The Bone/Encouraging Alcoholism’ One
[The Poke]
4. The ‘Good Use Of Advertising Space’ One
[The Poke]
5. The ‘Er, Horrifically Sexist…’ One
6. The ‘What The F*ck Did We Just Read?’ One
[The Poke]
7. The ‘They Know Us Too Well/Waterstone’s Swears?!‘ One
tube_waterstonesbook_ad (1)
[The Poke]
8. The ‘I Love Phil Too! Oh No, Wait…’ One
9. The ‘I Think You’ve Got Something On Your Face’ One
10. The ‘Cause A Bit Of Uproar One’
11. The ‘Really Disgusting But That’s The Point’ One
12. The ‘We Wish It Was Real’ One

Featured Image Credit: Flickr/Now-Here-This

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