12 Exhausting Struggles Of Being A Commuter In London

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

12 Exhausting Struggles Of Being A Commuter In London

If you’ve ever commuted in London, we’re sure you’ll be familiar with some of these struggles…


1. The unbearable ‘move down the carriage’ cries into a sardine packed train.


2. The whole left/right of the escalator trauma.

3. The ‘penguin on acid’ shuffle.


4. Business wankers taking up all the space with their tablets and laptops…


5. … And just general wankers.


6. The claustrophobic feeling you get in an overly crowded carriage.


7. When the platform is happy to finally see a train arrive but then you notice it only has 4 carriages…


8. ‘This service is now changing to go via Charing Cross.’ *immediately gets off train and runs to Bank branch*


9. When the price of travel keeps rising and you think you’ve caught a break but actually no.


10. The face to armpit disaster…


11. Don’t worry about forgetting to grab a free newspaper!


12. When someone uses extra seats for their belongings…



[Feature Image: Flickr: _dChris]

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