Londoners, Your Dreams Have Been Answered…By A Bracelet

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

Londoners, Your Dreams Have Been Answered…By A Bracelet

We cannot espresso our excitement. At last we can say Adios to stained teeth, caffeine crashes, coffee poops and spending a hell of a latte of time and money in Pret. And although spilling our morning coffee down us while rushing to work has acquired almost ‘sedimental’ value (get it?) within our daily routine, ‘Joule’ the caffeinated bracelet takes caffeine through your skin and directly into your bloodstream…making it officially our new best friend.

Think of it as a sort of nicotine patch for coffee addicts. It releases caffeine through your skin over the course of 4 hours, with one patch containing 65 mg of caffeine – which is about the same as a medium cup of coffee. Being released over a few hours means that you’re less likely turn into that wide-eyed energy monster your colleagues know and hate (we could even go as far as to say that they have great dis-stain for you ?).

joule-bracelet (1)

The bracelet and 30 caffeine patches costs $29 (about $1 per patch), and it will start shipping in July. We will most definitely be giving these a shot! Londoners, you can now function normally. YAY!


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