11 Wickedly Funny Things The Internet Tells You About London

Ahhhh the internet. A beautiful resource, where people can share data and research across the world in milliseconds, connect and communicate with absolute ease and, of course, upload the hilarious profanities found out and about around our crazy city. Here are just a few of them uploaded by a combination of Reddit and Facebook users.

1. London life gets everyone down occasionally…

[Shirley Bassey – Reddit]

2. … but there’s always a bright side of life in the capital.

[blacktoken – Reddit]

3. Although travelling on the District Line rarely leads to good things… (Nor does marriage).

[image: gerardity @ Reddit]

4. … and even venturing down onto the street can be just as perilous. Yep. That’s a dinosaur.

[image: rivalius13 @ Reddit]

5. But whenever you get out, you know there are great things in store. This was the comment card at the Tate.

[image: willtheblogger @ Reddit]

6. London always has something new to offer us. That, or this service might want to think of introducing a hyphen to their URL.

[image: thegoldenmandenis @ Reddit]

7. We take pleasure when TfL cuts the usually apologetic bullshit they frequently (and insincerely) dish out.

[image: butlertron64 @ Reddit]

8. Our lack of living space has become the crux of some marketing meetings…

[image: willtheblogger @ Reddit]

9. Sometimes, the city tires us out beyond our human limits. And even standing on an escalator is just too much.

[Sent in by Facebook user Robbie Falck]

10. But hey, us undying breed of Londoners have been doing it for a while now…

[image: Quickswitch79 @ Reddit]

11. … and we wouldn’t change it one bit.

[image: yoyo_hick @ Reddit]

Feature image: Facebook – Robbie Falck

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