10 Ways Richard Curtis Movies Are Very Wrong About London Life

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10 Ways Richard Curtis Movies Are Very Wrong About London Life

We’re all partial to a bit of Curtis from time to time, usually when we’re trying to remember why we like living in the sooty, smelly angst-ridden armpit that is London town. Everyone seems so sanguine in his films; there’s no sense of foreboding since everyone carries cute tartan brollies and no one ever has to top up their Oyster. But given that in real life there is no WAY you’d witness 2/3 of his films contents, we’ve decided to count down the 10 moments that definitely made us go, “Hmm, a likely story”.


Nope. [spylight.com]
1. Diversity, what diversity??

And no, Welsh Spike does not count. [Movie Screen Shots]
Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking for more POC…The diversity (or lack thereof) is something of a sticking point for Richard Curtis films. Notting Hill is one of the most culturally diverse boroughs in London and er, all the cast for the film? White. How hard is it depict London’s people accurately Richard? Richard?!


2. Did someone say shit/bollocks/asshole/fuckwit?

Culprit Number 1 [Tumblr]
What makes the level of swearing in Curtis films even funnier is the sheer absurdity of the stuff that actually comes out. Fuck weasel? Come on. Are we that surprised to learn that of the first 38 words spoken in the film, 13 are the F-bomb?


3. The Lying Game ft. London housing.

This crowding would be more realistic if it weren’t in a CASTLE. [mubi.com]
Oh you all live in pied-à-terres with multiple bedrooms? And in affluent areas? With cars? And pets? And you’re not massively opposed to the people you house share with? And you’re ‘artistes’? *sips tea*


4. The Lying Game ft. London Men.

Always with a wardrobe of tweed/argyle jumpers, round RayBan spectacles, a battered leather satchel and hair floppier than a limp noodle. They have cheekbones carved with a Waitrose pallet knife, manners that would charm Queen Liz’s draws off and the uncanny ability to turn up at the right place at the right time with the perfect (bumbling) one liner. Gotta love a good Colin moment.

Then again…


5. Did someone say middle class?

Spoiler alert to any incoming London visitors: we are not all Volvo-driving, Scottish heirs with a voice plummier than a fruit basket. Here’s another fun fact for you; Four Wedding’s name was originally going to be called ‘Toffs On Heat’. Whatever gave them that ruddy idea?




6. Prime Ministers are not that cool.

And they’re all 50+, married, with questionable hairlines and/or dress sense.


The dancing is pretty accurate I suppose. [cosmopolitan.co.uk]
7. Bridget Jones’s life is not as bad as they try and make it out to be.

That woman is living the high life; juggling an impeccably located apartment, two of Curtis’s best leading men AND a decent career as a TV journalist. Most London girls would kill for this. With actual knives/poison/leftover Dixys.


8. Kooky siblings are (not actually) a plenty.

The name’s Kat. KitKat. [Tumblr]
Where is this world containing off-beat, pink-haired, crotchet-wearing, Hackney-living excuse-making, elfin-faced, Morris-Minor-driving, hopelessly-incapable-and-yet-somehow-we-still-love-them siblings? In fact, London ‘kookiness’ is taken to a whole new level in every film. We get it, we’re a bunch of weirdos.


9.  Nativity costumes are not that well made.

Whatever happened to the classic tea towel shepherd? Or the bedsheet Angel Gabriel? Not relevant to London but relevant to life.


This mother has a lot to answer for. [cosmopolitan.co.uk]
10. But his Mr Bean? It saves everything.

If you are yet to feast your eyes on the Mr Bean movie then you are missing out on one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history. We know Mr Curtis has made many a fuck-up with his film choices but this is certainly not one of them.



Do you have a Richard Curtis pet peeve? Comment down below with the worst offending acts.

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