8 Top Summer Hangouts In London Made Even Better With The Huggle App

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8 Top Summer Hangouts In London Made Even Better With The Huggle App

We think London’s got a bit of a bad rep for being an unfriendly city. It’s true, the Underground may not be full of the happiest faces, but when you’re wearing too many layers, have a serious build up of tube sweat and have just forked out a small fortune for your monthly Travelcard, you’re not going to be smiling. And despite being surrounded by so many people in the city, it’s so easy to feel lonely. We think it’s time Londoners had a reason to open out to each other a bit more, which is where Huggle comes in. The location-based app lets you discover new faces by showing you who else hangs out in the places you go to. You can only see and message the people with whom you have places in common, so if you want to make friends (or just fancy nosing on who else goes to your gym!) Huggle offers a different way to explore the city. We’ve listed some of our favourite London hotspots for summer – so check them out, check in with Huggle and see who’s hanging around!


1. Brixton Beach Boulevard


If you fancy a trip to Miami but don’t have the funds for a plane ticket then, thankfully, Brixton has the next best thing. They’ve transformed a rooftop just off Popes Road into a sandy, tropical haven of music, street food, cocktails, regular sports screenings, performances and (occasional) sunshine. It runs until the end of August – you can buy tickets online here or walk in on the day. Once you’ve checked it out, Huggle will automatically check you in and show you who else has been here. So download the Huggle app to find out who else enjoys a strong cocktail (or two).

Pope’s Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8JH


2. Petticoat Lane Market

If you love a bargain and enjoy delving deep into piles of clothes, then you should take a trip to the aptly named Petticoat Lane Market in East London. Yes, expect to see some tat, but like any fashion market, this place is a goldmine if you’ve got a good eye. If, unfortunately, you lack the shopping techniques of some more experienced market-goers, you can use Huggle to see if there’s anyone happy to give you tips on how to do London’s street markets the right way.

Middlesex St, London E1 7JF


3. Frank’s Cafe

[Frank’s Cafe]
Sitting pretty much at the top of a 10-story car park in Peckham, Frank’s Cafe reopened earlier in May. If you haven’t been there yet, take the time this summer to make a visit. As well as offering unbeatable views of London’s skyline, they serve up a simple but tempting menu – from mouth-watering brown sugar hot wings to Ox heart kebabs – and mix up some mean, reasonably priced cocktails. We’d recommend trying their Campari version of an Aperol Spritz, for a slightly bitter kick. Frank’s also give you a chance to squeeze a bit of culture into your leisure time, with art installations from Bold Tendencies (a non-profit commissioning art project) now a permanent fixture. If you’re a bit clueless on the art side of things, find who else hangs out at Frank’s using Huggle and see if anyone has any arty advice they wish to impart.

95A Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST


4. Frame

We’re all getting our summer sweat on (both in the gym and on the tube). Whether you’re a frequent Frame goer (they run a fantastic variety of classes in Victoria, Queen’s Park King’s Cross and Shoreditch) or you like to stick to the treadmill at your local gym, many of us have upped our workouts as of late. There’s no doubt that you’ve noticed one girl flaunting the most amazing gym gear. So far, you’ve exchanged the odd sweaty smile, but that’s about it. Once you’ve discovered that she’s on Huggle, you’ll find it far easier to reach out and ask where she got her funky leggings from. And you may also bag yourself a new workout buddy.


5. A Wanted Man, Chelsea

[A Wanted Man]
A Wanted Man in Chelsea is the one-stop place for coffee, brunch and treatments at both Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus. What’s lovely about A Wanted Man is its strong community feel. The new South West London haunt has plenty of returning regulars, including four-pawed ones (yes, it’s dog-friendly!). Whether you’re a local here, or you’re a regular at another coffee shop, why not see who else gets their morning caffeine fix from the same place as you? Huggle will show you exactly who frequents your favourite spot. And if you’re lucky, you may get chatting and find out that they’re one of the pup owners…

330 King’s Road, London SW3


6. Venn Street Records

[Venn Street Records]
Tucked away just off Clapham High Street, this lively bar is a perfect spot when you’re after a casual drink and a cheap pizza (they’re £6 every day!) alongside some live music. On summer evenings, grab a 2-4-1 cocktail and pull up a chair on the outside pavement space. If you’re keen to find out who’s playing that sweet solo acoustic set, have a look to see if they’re on Huggle (without looking like the ultimate #FanGirl).

78 Venn St, London SW4 0BD



7. The Eagle, Shephurd’s Bush

[The Eagle]
For some serious summer chill time, The Eagle’s garden is kitted out with plenty of colourful deck chairs and bean bags. For those of you who like to have a couple of beers and fall asleep in the sun, you may well have just found your Eden. And all’s going well when, from your bean bag, you spot a cute face from behind your sunglasses. If you were in too much of a summer daze to say hi, fear not! You can download Huggle to see if they checked in… and then you have a second chance to get talking.

215 Askew Rd, London, Shepherd’s Bush W12 9AZ


8. St Dunston in the East


This picturesque secret garden is situated in the bombed out shell of the former Church of St Dunstan, first built around 1100. It is a Grade I listed building that was severely damaged in the Blitz of 1941 and the remains now make up a public, yet very secluded garden in the heart of London. There’s something extremely calming about finding a spot of tranquility in the big city. With Huggle, you can see who else shares the same down-time secret spots as you… and perhaps start going on walks for two.

Dunstan’s Hill, EC3R 5DD


Wherever you’re chilling out this summer, make sure to download the Huggle app to see what other friendly faces share your favourite places. 

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