10 Times We *Almost* Considered Leaving London (How Dare We?)

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The key word here is ‘almost’. Of course we would never actually leave. Ever. 


1. When your fridge is looking dire because it’s almost-but-not-quite payday and you’re relying on out of date soup to keep you alive. 

2. When you’ve maxed out the credit card you swore to yourself you’d never get.

3. When you start noticing the effect the Northern line is having on your lungs. 

4. When all you want to do is nip to the shop and buy some new clothes, but the nearest Primark is on Oxford Street. And that’s a living hell.

5. When you realise that you’d probably (definitely) have a better chance at saving some money elsewhere. 

6. You can binge watch Netflix just about anywhere, right?

7. When you realise there’s a fairly decent chance of getting a tan anywhere other than this soggy island. 

8. When you’re fed up of all the latest wacky food trends and all you want is a filter coffee and some cheese on toast.

[The Melon Farm]
9. When you notice that you’ve become accustomed to the price of a pint and you start to hate yourself for thinking £6 is reasonable.

10. When the only time you’re not drunk is when you’re hungover, and you’re starting to seriously worry about your health.

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Feature Image: Andy Smith on Flickr 


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