10 Things That London Is Better At Than Everyone Else In The World

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10 Things That London Is Better At Than Everyone Else In The World

Not that we’re competitive or anything… But we’ve found out 10 things that London is the best at in the world (kind of). Learn the statistics by heart and next time anyone tries to tell you that it’s an overpriced, over-polluted, soulless cavern then just hurl a few of these in their face. You can’t argue with the facts. So yeah, basically, we win.


1. Best at green spaces

You may call it the old smoke but did you know that London has more green spaces than any other city of its size? There’s nearly 173sqkm of parks, which is approximately 47% of the city. Concrete jungle? I think you’re confusing us with New York, mate.


2. Best at getting you to a hospital

We hope you’re not going to need one but it is pretty reassuring to know that London has got the largest emergency ambulance service in the world. 5000 staff workers and 70 stations mean that if you do happen to get yourself into a sticky situation, you’ll be attended to pretty quickly.


3. Best at the Olympics

[The Telegraph]
This isn’t just a matter of opinion, we’ve got some cold hard facts for you here. After the 1908 and 1948 Olympics were such a success, we tried our luck in the 2012 biddings. And we won. Hehe. So that makes us the only city in the world to have a 100% success rate after bidding more than once.


4. Best at surveillance


This one seems a bit Big Brother Is Watching You – but we’ll take it anyway. We have the highest number of CCTV cameras of any city in the world. That’s 7000 cameras watching your every movement. And just to put that in perspective – Paris has 326. Freaky.


5. Best at having the most millionaires and billionaires

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Ohhhhhhh, so THAT explains why the average rent in London is £1500 a month. Turns out our nation’s capital is the best at having resident billionaires. Shame we’re not one of them.


6. Best at living the longest

Okay this one just doesn’t make any sense at all. But apparently, regardless of the pollution, the lack of holidays and the general hustle and bustle, living in London scientifically lengthens your life span. Well, compared to the rest of the country. Not the world.


7. Best at shopping centres


Again, not sure how proud of this we should be. But we can console ourselves by recognising that this is just in comparison to Europe – we ain’t got nothing on the big dogs over the pond. With 300 shops and restaurants, Westfield Stratford is the biggest shopping centre in Europe. In other words, if you value your life, don’t go there on the weekend.


8. Best at public transport


We know, we know, everyone loves to moan about it. But did you know that the Tube is the world’s oldest underground railway? It opened in January 1863 with a four mile track between Paddington and Farringdon. It’s kind of grown a bit since then.


9. Best at having a lot of culture

We’re not just talking quality here, we are talking QUANTITY. We have the highest museum attendance of any major city in the world. Can’t argue with that fact.


10. Best destination

Yep, straight up. According to Forbes, London is the most visited city in the world and continues to be on the rise, with a near growth of 8%. Why? Probably because we’re the best.

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