10 Reasons Why October In London Will Make Your Year

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With summer unequivocally, absolutely, undoubtedly, 100% over (that may not come as news, but we were still hanging on by our fingernails throughout September…even when it hailed), and with the run up to Christmas seeming loonnggg, October can be a bit of a funny month. Of course there’s Halloween, the greatest holiday of all time (“It’s not a holiday” you smarty pants mutter…”IT SHOULD BE” we reply), but apart from that, the 30 other days of declining light, temperature and moods can really take their toll. FEAR NOT. Here are 10 wonderful reasons why October will be the best month so far.


1. London will look like this.

Autumn in Regents Park
[Uhd Wallpapers]
 Crunchy, colourful leaves, crisp air and jumpers. Jumpers, jumpers, jumpers. Perfection.


 2. Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery opens.

Which is possibly the biggest gallery opening since the Tate Modern 15 years ago! Opens October 8th.


3. There is a doggy dress up Halloween special.

Us humans shouldn’t have all the fun…bring your pooch down on the 31st to Pet Pavilion for spooky makeovers (costumes including Batman, Yoda and Dracula).


4. Oktoberfest.

[Fancy Dress]
Dirndl dresses and lederhosen at the ready!


5. London Cocktail Week arrives (we see a pattern emerging).

[Drink Stuff]
275 bars serving £5 cocktails? Don’t mind if we do! Read more about it here.


6. This movie will be on repeat.
[Life And Style]


7. BFI London Film Festival comes to town!

[London Beep]
238 fiction and documentary features shown over 12 days from the 7th-18th October. What more could you want?


8. The Crime Museum gets Uncovered.

From the 9th October, London’s ‘Black Museum’ is open to the public. Objects such as the Kray Twins’ torture syringes, execution ropes and evidence from the Great Train Robbery of 1963, this exhibition is not one to miss! (See more museums in London.)

9. The Chocolate Show will sweeten your weekend.

We’d be nudey within minutes of wearing this… [Sweet Pea London]
Not that we needed any more excuses to eat chocolate…but oh dear, here is another! Running from 16th-18th October, there are plenty of activities, demonstrations and TASTINGS. Yippee.


10. Thrill the World London takes over.

[Daily Echo]
On Saturday 24th October, tens of thousands of people across the world will attempt to break the world record for the biggest number of zombies dancing simultaneously. Put on your spookiest fancy dress, bust out your best Michael Jackson moves and get down to Covent Garden for 10pm.


Featured Image Credit: BoomEon

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