10 Photos That Prove That Her Majesty Is Officially The Queen Of Sass

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

10 Photos That Prove That Her Majesty Is Officially The Queen Of Sass

This weekend marks the official birthday celebrations of our glorious 90 year-old Queen Liz . And doesn’t she look fabulous, especially considering she’s had over 63 years of royal waving and commissioning little rubber boots for her corgis (we aren’t joking – their feet were hurting on the gravel). She’s been singlehandedly ruling this country ever since she was 25, which when you consider the fact that most 25 year olds living in London still need to phone home to ask how long it takes to boil an egg (5 mins for a runny yolk?), is a pretty big deal. Queenie, we salute you – you’ve got sass.


1. She drives across the lawn like she just don’t give a…
[No driving license, and what?]


2. And if you get in her way, you’re gon’ KNOW you in her way.
david queen
[Can someone remove this toad?]
3. She’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks.
[Literally, who gave birth to you?]


4. She’s got some pretty sweet shades.
[Just smile. No one will guess one was popping the Prosecco until 4am]


5. And some pretty sweet wheels.
[They see me rollin’]


6. And you know the resting-bitch-face? Well she invented it.
[This face? Right now? Just resting.]


7. If she don’t wanna listen – she don’t.


8. And when she knows what she wants – she gets it.

queen liz 2


9. She’s got some bling and she’s not afraid to wurk it.


10. Cos she’s just too sassy to care.


Image Sources: Buzzfeed


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