10 Funny London Sandwich Boards That Will Definitely Make You Smile

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Here at Secret London we love a good pun (or twenty), so it’s no wonder these creative sandwich board slogans had us all cracking up. It’s easy to see the dry British sense of humour coming through in these ten sarcastic signs…


1. The solution to all your problems

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2. The one you’ve all been waiting for

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3. The beer whisperer


4. The world’s most understanding beverage


5. That #fridayfeeling

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6. The repentant ginner

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7. Bob Marley’s favourite snack

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8. It all comes down to the numbers

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9. The coffee that comes with an extra shot of sass


10. The safest option

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Lily Frohlich

Lily Frohlich

Lily fell in love with London after visiting the Natural History Museum on a day-trip from Bristol (aged four) and she’s never looked back. She’s a sucker for smashed avo’ and poached egg on toast, and she just can’t help herself from frequently posting pictures of her food on Instagram.