Yes, Mermaid Toast Is An Actual Thing And It’s Coming To London Next Week

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We’re a bit concerned. We’re not sure if food should ever look this good.

It was only a matter of time before something as magical/bonkers/totally f*cking weird as this came to London, and apparently that time is now. Unicorn toast became a big hit in America, where it was famed by Food Stylist, Adeline Waugh. But now, recognising an obvious (?) hole in the UK market, our very own Miss Trixie is bringing the food fad to East London.

[Try these out for yourself next weekend… for FREE!]
On Sunday 25 June, Miss Trixie will be giving away 500 slices of mermaid toast at East Village Market in Victory Park. The toast will be mermaid themed (obviously) and there will be four different flavours available to try for FREE on a first come first served basis. For example, the Ariel, made with strawberry and mint, or the dark and moody Ursula, made with blackberries and nutella oreo yoghurt.

Meanwhile, here’s some insight into what’s been going on over in America to get you all excited (and to shed some light into what the actual f*ck makes it look that good):



So apparently it’s all made using all-natural flavours…


Like beetroot and spirulina mixed with cream cheese…

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Or butterfly pea tea. Because apparently that’s a real thing.

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This one’s made using powdered beetroot and beetroot in the shape of stars. (Or in other words, magical healthy fairy dust).

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They don’t use any food colouring, just totally natural food pigments.

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This one’s topped with some super-cute radish and mandarin stars. Because, health.

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And this one’s made with kale and sesame seeds and we’re really just not sure how we feel 🤔

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This one? Pearl infused coconut butters, bee pollen, crushed rose petals & blue majik dust. Something tells us that a simple trip to Tesco won’t suffice…


And this one’s just really f*cking awesome.

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One thing’s for sure… they are truly beautiful works of art.

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Find Miss Trixie’s Mermaid Toast at East Village Market, 20 Victory Parade, London, E15 2ER on Sunday 25th June. And get there quick ‘cos when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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