Swap A Cucumber For A Gin And Tonic On World Cucumber Day

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On June 10th we all celebrated World Gin Day, but gin’s faithful companion, the cucumber, felt sadly left out. So, to make up for this hurtful dismissal, they gave the cucumber its very own day, too.

And how do we celebrate? By swapping them for gin. Ffs, gin. Always stealing the limelight.

Forget happy hour, because the UK is getting its very first Cucumber Hour. Or rather ‘hours’, plural. Between 5-8pm on Wednesday 14th June, thirsty Brits can swap their cash for cucumbers and their cucumbers for a Hendrick’s G&T at selected bars across the UK.

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This all came about after a clever bloke at Sydney University decided to spend his time investigating the sensitivity of cucumbers (someone’s gotta do it… probably… maybe). He discovered that, in order for a cucumber to grow into its largest and juiciest self, you should wrap it up in a mini sleeping bag, play it rock music (definitely not jazz music, they hate jazz music), and let it have a sniff of some dill. Yep, it turns out cucumbers can smell things. Sorry vegetarians.

Besides this experiment wavering on the side of extremely effing weird, it has led us to this momentous day and we’ll be eternally grateful. So, London, do not be alarmed if you see a bunch of gin lovers getting on the tube armed with cucumbers. Don’t judge them, join them.

For more info, including which bars are taking part, head to the Hendrick’s website.


Feature Image: Dave DeSandro


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