Get Cooking With Heisenberg At London’s Breaking Bad-Inspired Cocktail Bar!

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Yo, b*tch! The Breaking Bad inspired cocktail bar is here for good and we’re ready to start cooking. (Cocktails rather than crystal meth of course, but that’s almost as badass). The bar, which is based in an RV truck in East London, launched on a temporary basis way back in July 2015 and had 42,000 people fighting over tickets. But now it’s back (…back again) and it’s better and more bitchin’ than ever.


Pop on a yellow hazmat suit in true Heisenberg style and follow instructions to make two cocktails using real molecular mixology techniques. In the manual you’ll find a step by step guide to making the cocktails, which are filled with various different ingredients and have various Breaking Bad-inspired names. Reviews are bitchin’ and previous “cooks” have been seriously impressed by the attention to detail that’s been put in to make it a truly authentic experience. It won’t be until you step out of the RV onto Hackney Road that you remember you’re actually in East London, and not in the Albuquerque desert.


£30 gets you 2 hours in the RV, and includes the cooking of two cocktails and the drinking of three (plus a bloody great experience that you’ll be banging on about for years). So get booking and get cooking.

Click here to get your tickets via Fever.

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