Chin Chin Labs Are Opening A New Soho Dessert Club Next Month!

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They’re the wacky and wonderful people who make ice cream out of liquid nitrogen, who put ice cream sandwiches back on the map (they were never really off but you get what we mean) annnd who even started putting huge clouds of candyfloss round their cones. Any place that does all of this in front of our very eyes is always going to be a winner.

Since opening their permanent home in Camden Market (hey neighbours!), they’ve managed to still serve up desserts regularly in Hawker House and come up with even more interesting ice cream concoctions. Now, they’re set to move Central with the Soho’s Chin Chin Dessert Club.

Yes, it sounds very mysterious and makes us wonder whether we need some kind of golden ticket to get in… but thankfully not. There will be new signature dishes including the sugar-free Miracle Cone where customers need to take a berry pill to activate the sweetness of the ice cream. Sounds bonkers and will definitely make us feel like we’re in Wonka Land but we’re so up for it.

There will also be ice cream choux buns, Chin Chin club cakes and Deluxe Sundaes that can be topped with smoked caramel sauce or mini babka cake cubes. Sweet dreams really are made of this.

Of course, they’ll still serve up their Hot Chocolate with torched marshmallow and classics like their Brownwich ice-cream sandwich. So prepare for a new dessert club with all the same blow torching, liquid nitrogen mixing and wizardry, just in a more central location.

Soho Chin Chin Dessert Club opens at 54 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 3DS this May. Keep updated via Twitter.

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