You Can Now Actually Have Tea With The Queen In Buckingham Palace

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April Fools! Gotcha 🙂

Are you fed up with constantly being asked by non-Brits if you’ve ever had tea with the Queen? We imagine many of you are muttering a disgruntled “Yes, all the bloody time”. But that’s all about to change…

Get in line because the Queen is opening the doors to Buckingham Palace and inviting Londoners and tourists into her home for a nice ole’ cuppa and some rich tea biscuits. (Maybe even a G&T if she’s feeling extra naughty…).


For the modest price of ÂŁ125, you can spend 2 hours in one of the Queen’s many living rooms, chatting about swans and corgis until your heart’s content. If you’re willing to part with a little extra cash, there’s also the option to upgrade to the Jubilee package, which includes an afternoon stroll in the Palace gardens with Liz and her corgis.

Tickets are due to be released on April 4th, so keep your eyes peeled for more information. 


Feature Image: Erin Kohlenberg | Jeff Robbins | Chatham House | shining.darkness




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