There’s A Dating App That Matches Londoners Based On Things They Hate

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Finally, a dating app that will get us exactly what we want — somebody with a mutual hatred for slow walking and left-side standers. Forget Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish…. with Hater you can get straight to the point. Are you going to hate shopping on Oxford Street as much as me? Are we going to agree that Downton Abbey is actually the most boring programme in the world?

Mutual hatred brings people together; it’s a great icebreaker and can help form lifelong bonds (trust us on this one). Even if you disagree, it’s got to be better than “Hey”, “How are you?” or “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”. Hit us up with “So, I see that you also hate coriander….?” and you’ll probably catch our attention.

It hasn’t quite broken the London market just yet, although there are a few Londoners nearby who share a common hatred for man buns and GIF pronunciation debates (yes, we have had a peek). We don’t think it’ll be long before it catches on though. Us Londoners are grumpy as hell and go mad for a bit of negativity… especially if it could lead to love.


Feature Image: Hater App

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

Georgie lives in East London and has noticed that she's become slightly more hipster since moving to E1. She's a frequent visitor of trendy cafés and is all too familiar with the extortionate price of a coffee in the capital. She enjoys the finer things in life (like red wine on a school night and eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the tub) and hasn't quite grasped the concept of adulthood yet. She'll get there eventually but, until then, she'll continue to ring her parents for advice on how to manage her finances.

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