Follow Text Message Clues To Find Treasure In London Museums!

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The concept here is simple. Sign up to Breadcrumbs, pick a museum in London, and get sent cryptic clues to your phone that will send you on an enigmatic trail, showing you the best parts of the location you’ve chosen. The clues will be a mixture of mysterious riddles and puzzles, and Breadcrumbs will tell you where to go and what to find (but only after you’ve cracked the cryptic instructions, of course). Once you’ve found the objects around the museum and/or solved the riddles, you just text them back with your answer in order to receive the next clue. They’ll even send you hints if you get stuck!

At the moment, you can purchase scavenger hunts for the V&A Museum, Kew Gardens and a Handel and Hendrix tour, but trails around the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Huntarian Museum are a work in progress so keep an eye out. The hunts cost £3.99 each and take approximately 2 hours, taking you around the best parts of the museum. Head to the Breadcrumbs website to start the game.


Feature Image: sebastian.dahler (Flickr)

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