8 Of London’s Most Badass, Food Coma-Inducing Burgers

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We’ve got one burger for every cheat day of the week… And sorry if you’re hungry right now, because reading this is going to be extremely difficult if you’re a fan of the glorious patty. This list has exactly what you’d expect from London’s ever-expanding selection of burgers… succulent meat, gloriously melted cheese… Crème Eggs. Wait, what? Yes. Deep-fried Crème Egg burgers. You weren’t expecting that, were you? P.s. That is the only vegetarian option in this post.


1. ARI Gold Cheeseburger, Patty And Bun

[Patty & Bun]
Nutritional Info: One delectable beef patty with all the toppings, plus some finger-licking smokey mayo, all huddled together in a beautiful brioche bun. Simple burger perfection. Patty and Bun. Does what it says on the tin. £7.50 BOOM.

Find Them: James Street, Liverpool Street, Old Crompton St Soho & London Fields ‘The Arch’


2. Deep Fried Crème Egg Burger, K West

[K West]
Nutritional Info: 100% sweet. A pinch of imagination, a Crème Egg and a deep-fat fryer and, wham-bam-thank you mam, you’ve got a miniature mouthful of heaven. Don’t be put off by it’s size, it’s small but mighty. You can get them for £5.50 for two sliders, or as part of the K West Afternoon Tea.

Find Them: The K West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush from 20th March.


3. The XXXL, Fatburger

Nutritional Info: 150% BURGER, straight from the US of A. It comes with a heart attack warning, but we think you can handle at least one of these in your lifetime. If not, go for their signature Fatburger – it’s slightly easier on the arteries and is only £8 with fries and a drink on Fever.

Find them: Camden Town


4. The Mac Daddy, Dirty Bones

[Dirty Bones]
Nutritional Info: 40% of your wildest cheesy dreams and 60% delicious dirty indulgence (the good kind of duuurty). Dirty Bones’ The Mac Daddy, at £10, is the ultimate ‘cheat day’ winner… and worth every calorific mouthful. We’ve also raved about their Dirty Dog, because Dirty Bones are the dawg’s bollocks when it comes to great scoff.

Find Them: Kensington Church St & Carnaby Court, Soho


5. Hawksmoor’s Hamgburger

Nutritional Info: 100% delicious, tender beef pounded into one aesthetically pleasing (as well as goddam tasty) burger. It’s Hawksmoor, so you can be sure they’ve sourced their meat from Britain’s best. It’s £16 for the meal, or £12 at the Spitalfield Bar.

Find Them: Spitalfields & Guildhall


6. Double Cheeseburger, Bleecker St

[Bleecker St]
Nutritional Info: With a sprinkling of Yank goodness, Bleecker St (named after the founder, Zan Kaufman’s favourite street in Manhattan) bring the taste of NYC right to the heart of East London. So you can expect some seriously gooey cheese. That’s why we’d go for a double cheeseburger. At £9, it’s well worth the extra £3 up from a regular.

Find Them: Old Spitalfields Market, Southbank & Canary Wharf


7. Porky Burger at Porky’s BBQ

Nutritional Info: Topped with tender, BBQ pulled pork, streaky bacon and jack cheese, the Porky Burger will certainly make a pig out of you (but a totally satisfied pig). We’d definitely recommend multiple napkins with this one… it gets messy. But do you care?

Find Them: Camden & BoxPark Shoreditch


8. Band of Burgers


Nutritional Info: New kids on the block, Band of Burgers, are bring the burger back to the people by allowing you to BYOB (build your own burger) from scratch. You can also BYOB (bring your own booze). The DIY approach to dining makes for the perfect chilled night out – and we’ve also heard rumours that their milkshakes are pretty epic

Find Them: Camden. Download Fever and you can book your build-your-own-burger ahead of the buzz, for just £7.95.


Featured Image credit: Bleecker St


  1. These are all well and good, but how has Bobo Social’s peanut butter burger not made it on this list? Try it, it’s amazing.

  2. You haven’t tried Gone Burger’s Master of Disaster. Check them out they are in the Pack and Carriage on Eversholt Street.

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