14 Almighty Struggles Of Being Left-Handed In London

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Right hand

Right-handers underestimate the everyday struggles of a lefty. Am I right?!?!


1. Swiping your Oyster Card.

[Daily Mail]


2. Picking up the Metro on the way through the station.

Never a swift grab and go… The papers are never on the left!!!


3. Awkward handshakes.

Oh the shame when you end up using both hands. Cringe.


4. Getting cash out at an ATM.

If you want to lean over to hide your PIN, you’ll only reveal your (embarrassing) balance on the screen.


5. ALL readers are on your right side.

The worst if you’ve got lots of shopping bags in the crook of your arm. Even contactless payments require awkward manoeuvring.


6. Reading with your left hand on the tube next to right-hander.

A serious case of elbow-bumping.


7. Going for dinner in a fancy restaurant…


The more the courses, the more the cutlery switching.


8. Going to the cinema.

The chair cupholder on your left is always taken.


9. Being asked if you’re left handed by work colleagues.


10. Being left-handed and not being spectacularly intelligent/good at something.


11. The measuring tape is upside-down. You know – just in case you wanted to measure your tiny London flat.


12. The struggle of doing the Evening Standard crossword on your way home.

Don’t judge us for loving crosswords.


13. If you ever want to spontaneously jam at an open mic night.

It’s unlikely that there’ll be a lefty guitar.


14. Even emojis have it out against you…


Just thank god we hardly ever use scissors…

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